And another thing

So when I first connected to the internet here in Chile and tried to go to the Yahoo homepage, I found that the site had figured out I was in Chile and automatically started showing me the Yahoo Chile page instead of my usual US page. Kind of creepy, but okay, I guess using more of the internet in Spanish will be a learning experience.

So far all I have learned is that “news” stories on the Yahoo Chile front page are weird not-actually-news stories just as often as they are on the US page. Currently, for instance, the biggest headline one sees when one opens the site is “Lo que tenemos en común con las abejas” — “What we have in common with bees.” Next up is a video (seriously? this merits a video?) paired with the headline “Megan Fox asustada por banana gigante,” or “Megan Fox frightened by giant banana.” Oh, Yahoo. Never change. I would switch my secondary email account to Gmail, but I can’t bear to miss out on this never-ending spring of wtf-ery.


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