¡Un mes!

Today, I have officially been living in Chile for a month. I seriously can’t believe how fast it’s all been going by. We had our second-to-last Spanish class today (they front-load the language instruction so we’ll be prepared for our other classes and then not have to worry about it after that), and then went out for sushi for dinner. For some reason a ton of the sushi here has cream cheese in it? It’s weird. I managed to order a regular unagi roll with salmon and avocado on top, though, so I was perfectly happy.

Also la U de Chile* is playing in the Copa Libertadores tournament right now, and there are a bunch of guys in the next building over who are SCREAMING at the top of their lungs every few minutes, presumably when something exciting happens. It’s tied at 1-1 right now, according to the internet, so I guess that makes it super exciting. I’m not a huge sports-watching person, but people get so into soccer here it’s hard not to be excited about it.



*The team is called Universidad de Chile (La U for short, I think, or possibly sometimes La Chile?), but they’re not affiliated with the actual Universidad de Chile — they’re a professional club. There’s another professional club called Universidad Católica, who also have no affiliation with the actual university of the same name. Confusing, much?


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