Here, read someone else’s analysis of Chilean education for a change.

I’m back in Santiago after a lovely, action-packed week in Chapod, Región de la Araucania, Chile. I’m working on a loooooong post about what I did and learned while I was there, but it’s going to take me a while to put together. So much to talk about!

In the meantime, I will try to tide you over by linking to this piece in the Economist, which talks about the economy, education, and the student movements here in Chile — basically, a bunch of the stuff I’ve been talking about in my (Very) Brief Overview of the Chilean Education System posts, but with actual quotes and charts and things. It’s long, but it provides a good (and VERY comprehensive) summary of the current situation, with the relevant bits of history thrown in. It also features a quote from Camilo Ballesteros, who was the student leader who came and spoke to my program about the student movement. I’ve met someone quoted in a magazine article! I’m super cool!


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