Ah, public transit.

Dear City of Buenos Aires: you actually could not have made it more difficult to find a bus stop in this city if you’d tried. The skinny little signs at random points on the street are bad enough, but just slapping stickers with bus numbers on otherwise nondescript light poles, and having that be the only stop for blocks around? That’s just mean. At least make the stickers brightly colored, or something.

Dear fellow passengers: STOP MAKING OUT ON THE BUSES. Especially stop making out on the buses during rush hour when they’re super crowded — I can deal with the lack of personal space, because a lot of people need to get places, but having you and your S.O. playing tonsil hockey six inches from my face is really just not okay with me.

(And still, these gripes aside, the public transit system here is miles better than anywhere I’ve lived in the U.S. Oh well.)


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