I’m back in Santiago! It was really difficult to leave Buenos Aires — especially emotionally, but also physically, because Ezeiza Airport is laid out in a really really confusing way. Trying to find my gate felt like wandering through some mid-level circle of hell, with all the closed stores and random check-in desks I didn’t understand and signs that didn’t really point where you were actually supposed to go. It was very odd. And then they didn’t do a normal boarding process, just skipped right from “we’re going to pre-board families with small children” to “this is the final boarding call!” And then the gate was really far away from where the plane actually was, so they took us on a little bus thing. All in all, a strange and somewhat unpleasant airport experience.

But I got to Santiago just fine! I’m generally happy to be back, especially since it means I get to see all the chicas again, but I’m slightly annoyed that I can’t use my Argentinian accent anymore. (I mean, I could, but I think I’d get a lot of weird looks.) It’s so much more fun than a Chilean accent — and it comes way more naturally to me, since I had a good friend in my high school Spanish classes who used it. Oh well.

I refuse to believe I have less than two weeks left in South America. It’s just not acceptable. I reject your reality and substitute my own, where June 11th is at least another month away, and I can just hang out with my program-mates the whole time! So there!

…sorry. I’m really tired, and really need to finish the rest of my ISP. I’m going to end this post now.


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